Women’s tattoos

The party was in full swing as Sting’s “Desert Rose” drifted into the air. Couples dancing rhythmically presented a great atmosphere. A woman closest to the dais wore a backless outfit.  On her back stood out a beautifully designed rose tattoo all with stem and thorn disappearing onto her lower back – a real good women’s tattoo design.

Many years ago a German Circus had a woman with many tattoos. She was quite an attraction since then women’s tattoos were not an accepted norm socially. Later in the 60’s a woman with a cause or a social rebel emerged. And thus emerged woman’s tattoos as more and more women “got bitten by the tattoo bug”. Nowadays women’s tattoo is a style statement and in many cases an envious proposition.

Lyla had just moved in from New York with her husband into Grenville, Alabama. Having been exposed to a larger audience back at the Big Apple, she found the women’s circle quite and kind. Once on a hot day, Lyla had sauntered into the supermarket wearing her halter neck top and shorts. The women she passed, held her in their eyes with open mouth for on her back was the face of Mary looking kindly at those who saw. That night every husband in that county might have received a demand to be driven to the nearest tattoo artist as their wives wanted to get their women’s tattoo.

Women’s tattoos

Women’s tattoos

What was once considered a male bastion; Tattooing has scaled new heights among the best of socially known women. Tattoo studios have now sprung up in every nook of the country. And now it has captured the imagination of school going giggly girls too. A rich socialite in upscale Los Angeles had once thrown a party which would naturally go on for the whole night till the break of dawn. Only this time she had requested the presence of her guests a lot early in the evening then otherwise as she had flown down Pierre , a famed tattoo artist from Europe just so that she could offer his services to those “have not “ invitees absolutely free of cost. Needless to say Pierre had to call it an early day at the break of dawn and comfortably slipped onto the floor with no care, in deep sleep

Tattooing is most common amongst Asian Indian women. Their designs crudely drawn geometric designs meant to represent their caste, name of their place of birth or sometimes their husband’s name. Now as time goes by as the changes in the culture bring in some new developments, young women from the Gujarat region from urban cities have got into getting tattoos with similar designs with no reference to the original traditions. Their designs are more contemporary far removed from the crude work displayed by their rural counterparts.  Imaginative designers have created wonderful and sensational which are slowly being exhibited at tattoo festivals all over the world. Now it can be easily said that a woman need not be a rebel or an eccentric to have a tattoo on her body.

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